Tiny Tots Tumbling

A beginner level class for our youngest group (2-4yr).  Balance, flexibility, and spatial awareness will be taught through songs, props and tumbling.


A class that introduces ballet and tap fundamentals to children ages 3-5 .  This class will also incorporate creative movement concepts teaching students the patterns of rhythm, fun songs as well the use of props, costumes and just overall FUN!!! 

Ballet/Tap Combo

Ballet/Tap-A continuation of ballet and tap fundamentals for ages 5-6. A great class to continue with after Pre-school or a beginner.

Adaptive Dance Ballet/Tap Combo

Adaptive Dance and Movement Therapy (geared specifically to students with special needs and different abilities) will serve each person's individual needs & goals, as well as accommodate and build upon their limitations.  The classes will include learning traditional steps & combinations, but will also address areas including: social skills, cooperation, following directions, communication, turn taking, spatial awareness, forming relationships with peer/adults, patience, improving focus & sustaining attention and impulse control. Students to be included in this class will carry diagnoses of, but not limited to: Down Syndrome, learning disabilities, Pervasive Development disorder, mental handicaps, physically limited to wheelchairs/walkers, Asperberger's syndrome and autism.  This class runs for 30 minutes and costs $30/month.

Beginning Teen Lyrical & Beginning Teen Jazz/Hip Hop

This class is for the dancer who may have no experience or had a few years when they were younger and want to try dance again.  The different combinations of classes will introduce the dancer to the style they choose.  These classes make you realize it's never too late to learn something new! 

Ballet/Jazz Combo

Ballet/Jazz-A class that continues with ballet training while introducing jazz fundamentals to ages 5-6.  A great class to continue with after Pre-school or those who are beginners.


The building block for all styles of dance.  Your child will learn the positions, terminology, and body alignment. Barre work, center and across the floor exercises are designed to better their technique, as well as performance quality and confidence all while in a fun and nurturing environment. Each class is leveled based on age, skills and experience. Minimum age is 5.

Musical Theatre

Very fun and popular for the dancer who loves to be on stage.  We use Broadway themed songs along with plays and concepts as you see on Broadway or local theaters.  Inspiration comes from plays such as Westside Story, Cats, Hair Spray, In the Heights, etc.  This class will include singing, acting, dancing as well as teaching performance qualities that are important for any dancer. Recommended age is 7-15

Hip Hop

This dance is an urban style of dance that is always evolving with many different styles. It requires high energy and focuses on musicality and rhythm. Each class is leveled based on age, skills and experience. Minimum age is 5 which begins in the Pee Wee Hip Hop level.


The fundamentals of tap class are designed to develop rhythm, style and sound. Students will learn a variety of tap styles from Broadway to Rhythm tap. Exercises focus on building flexibility of the knee and ankles, coordination, and speed of movement.  Each class is leveled based on age, skills and experience. Minimum age is 5.


Requires a special shoe with a box on the end.  This is a continuation of ballet and is by invitation only.  


An energetic stylized dance style with many familiar steps and progressions similar to ballet.  Jazz dance includes strength, flexibility and conditioning technique with progressions including turns, kicks and leaps. In a Jazz class the dancers also learn many fun and trendy dance steps that are used for all forms of dance. Each class is leveled based on age, skills and experience. Minimum age is 5.


Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements. Each class is leveled based on age, skills and experience. Minimum age is 5.


This class will incorporate the elements of tumbling including core strength, conditioning, flexibility through gymnastics.  3 levels are offered.  Each class is leveled based on age, skills and experience. Minimum age is 5.


This class is offered to any student interested in auditioning for one of our competitive teams.  There are 3 levels available based on age. This class is recommended prior to auditioning.

Adult Tap & Adult Jazz

This is a fun class for the adults who want to dance!  No experience is necessary. These classes are strictly for fun and exercise! There will be no recital performance. Adult classes can be paid by the class ($15) or the regular 1 hour monthly tuition fee.