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Dance Team Audition Boot Camp

May 23rd-25th we will be holding a dance team boot camp ending with an audition for those dancers interested in trying out for our competition dance teams.  The teams will be:

  • Minis - our younger group of dancers wanting to get a little taste of what competition is all about beginning at age 5

  • Juniors - this group is our intermediate group of dancers who have either been competing or could be new to competing but show great technique, skill level, effort and commitment

  • Seniors - this team consists of our more experienced dancers and competitors; these dancers show advanced skill level and technique as well as commitment to their team

  • Hip Hop - the hip hop team is for the experienced hip hop dancer.  If we have enough younger dancers wanting to try out we may look into having 2 teams. Youngest age is 7 years old. 

  • Tap team - this team is for the experienced competitor and/or tap dancer


If this is of interest to you, we hope to see you there!  We will be looking to add some new members to our team this year.  We will hold our Auditions on June 1st & June 2nd in time to get registered for the 6 week summer session!


$100/per student 

(includes Audition fee and the 3 days of classes)


$20/per student to Audition


CLASSES WILL BE HELD ON MAY 23RD, 24TH, 25TH each day beginning at 4:30pm and ending at 7:30pm


AUDITIONS WILL BE HELD ON JUNE 1ST & 2ND both days beginning at 5:00pm


JUNE 1ST will consist of Minis, Juniors, and Seniors (5:00-8:00)


JUNE 2ND will consist of Hip Hop Team and Tap Team (5:00-7:00)


A PARENT dance team informational meeting will be held on Monday, May 23rd at 6:30pm

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